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Manuel Calejo Jr. CEO and Founder of Foresight Risk Management Group, LLC.

Mr. Calejo is a hands-on CEO in the day to day operations of Foresight and understands the dynamic challenges faced by today’s CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Due to his intense corporate exposure of working at senior levels for and consulting with fortune 500 firms along with actively conducting numerous international negotiation on financial transactions. Mr. Calejo business success workshops are information rich and tie together with his enthusiastic style of speaking.

It does not matter whether you are currently in business, establishing an online store or a brick and mortar operation the questions that must be asked and answered for success are the same.

From the moment Mr. Calejo begins a presentation, his audiences receive a continual stream of business information, techniques and strategies necessary to find the answers to questions that will make each person business more successful.

Mr. Calejo is adept at transforming due diligence, financial and strategic complex business concepts into material anyone (even those of us who are “mathematically challenged”) can understand.

The extremely limited (only16 attendees) eight to nine hours per day for two days and step-by-step interactive real world business approach used in his training guarantees that you will leave his workshops with the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to make the correct business decision for your own business model.


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