The key ingredients to a successful business

Modeled after traditional M.B.A. programs, “without the MBA English”   this course has been created by numerous CEOs, CFOs , CPAs , attorneys and business professionals.


Business contract and financial vocabulary

you have to speak their vocabulary or you lose money

Business financial theories and practices to increase income and profit

Here is where the money is understood and made

Due diligence techniques

The key to business success

How to perform three types of business analysis and drill downs

They answer the golden question. Is this a real business and can I turn a profit?

How to perform a market analysis

Is there a market, the law of supply and demand?

How to perform an opposition analysis

Who is my competition, price point?

How to perform a strategic evaluation

Test, test, test and more test

board room


Business Structure, Income & Taxation

Types of business structure

Income & Taxation

Four key people needed for business success

What order to hire and why

How to write a business plan

The keep it simple rule



Business loans

The dirty truth bank and lenders don’t want you to know

Lender’s guidelines

Business credit criteria and reporting agencies

Lending ratio

Cost of money

underwriting mentality

Types of loans, loan request and placement



Study your position, Anticipate their position

Stages of negotiations

Counter position

How to read people

Understand the global marketplace and international competition

Network with peers and other industry professionals

Develop your management and leadership skills

CEOs Bio